Me, Myself & Eye

Debbie Wood, 1960 Santa Maria, California Debbie Wood if She Could, Debbie Wood 4 years old 1961 Della Grace, San Francisco 1979 Della Grace at the Wire, San Francisco 1979 Del LaGrace Volcano, Barcelona 2004, (assisted by Indra Windh) Self Portrait, Goodman Building 1980, Della Disgrace at The Bell, London 1982 Del LaGrace Volcano, Bluebeard, London 1996 Del Boy, Gender Optional Series, London 1999 Andro Del, Gender Optional Series, London 1999 Debby Would, Gender Optional Series, London 1999 DelMAN, Gender Optional Series, London 1999 Debby Would 2, Gender Optional Series, London 1999 Gender Optional Series, London 1999 Del LaGrace Volcano, Co-Portrait with Gerard Rancinan, Paris 2004 Tess Tickle & Luigi Capron de la Concha, Stockholm 2003 DELton John, London , 2000

Me, Myself & Eye (Self Portraits)
What is a self portrait? How much actual control can a person, especially a child, have over their own image? And where it travels? Especially in the times we inhabit now. When I look back at these two images of myself at 3 and 4 years of age, what I see is a person who is in charge of how they are being seen and photographed. The style of these both reflect the ways in which I continue to express myself, in ruffled shirts and big crazy glasses. Here are some examples of myself as a child and adult where I am constructing my own image and seeing seen both as I see myself and as I want/ed to be seen.  

There are almost no surviving photographs of myself as a teen-ager. Every photograph was evidence to me that I was somehow monstrous. While adolescence is hard for most people it was especially difficult when you had a body that was not behaving as a body that was assigned female at birth should! It wasn't until I discoverd queer community in San Francisco, New York and London in the early 80s that I was able to accept and explore what living with a non-conforming body could mean. Especially for a photographer who uses their life and body as a primary source of material inspiration.